About us


After dreaming for years of designing clothing that fit well and pieces that were made with quality, soft and comfortable fabrics, Nett the label was started in 2020 by me, Jeannette. 

I am a Mom of two great kids and married to my best friend and biggest supporter Rob!

Each piece is designed by me in Manitoba, Canada and produced in a great factory in China. Most of the fabrics come from an Eco-friendly factory and I love to choose cotton and natural fabrics for the most part. The feel and comfort of a fabric are very important to me and I’m sure to you as well! No matter how I am dressed, whether in comfy home clothes or dressed up to go out (not so much a thing this past year, but hopefully soon!) I want to look my best! This plays an important part in the design process for Nett the label! That way when you step into your day wearing our clothing you look and feel amazing!